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lucky Jun 15
The New York Yankees are back. They made the playoffs just once in the past four seasons, and while they never slipped below .500, they did mostly slip into irrelevance other than a one-and-done wild-card appearance in 2015. But here they are, led by Robin Ventura Youth why. The rings. George Steinbrenner. The money. That pinstripes magic that makes everything always go the Yankees way. And no, I'm absolutely not bitter about that home run David Justice hit off Arthur Rhodes. So let's go back to 1920 and rank all the Yankees teams from least likable to most likable, focusing mostly on the post-1976 era, when I first started watching baseball. 2000 Yankees (87-74): This team won the World Series, which is bad enough. But even more disheartening, it wasn't even a good team. The Yankees won only 87 games and beat my Mariners in the American League Championship Series in part because Jamie Moyer broke his kneecap in practice before the series began. They won the first game of the World Series because Timo Perez didn't hustle and was thrown out at home plate. Then in Game 2, Roger Clemens THREW THE JAGGED SHARD OF A BROKEN BAT AT MIKE PIAZZA, a guy he had hit in the head with a pitch earlier in the season. If this happened in 2017, Twitter would have had a nuclear meltdown. 2009 Yankees (103-59): In 2008, the Yankees missed the playoffs for the first time since 1993, so they went out and spent $423.5 million to sign Mark Teixeira, CC Sabathia and A.J. Burnett. That's more than 17 franchises were valued at the time. They moved into the new Yankee Stadium and tried to sell $2,500 tickets. Then they won the World Series. 1999 Yankees (98-64): Chad Curtis, the World Series hero, was later sent to prison for molesting three teenage girls at a rural Michigan high school where he volunteered. Chuck Knoblauch was later arrested twice for domestic violence. Jim Leyritz killed a mother of two in a DUI accident. Hideki Irabu was later arrested for assaulting a bartender and drunken driving. Clemens and Darryl Strawberry were still here. They also won the World Series. 2012 Yankees (95-67): This was an aggravating, overachieving old team -- the starting lineup featured guys 31, 31, 32, 34, 36, 38, 38 and 40 years old -- that made the playoffs even though Mariano Rivera was injured. It then turned into destroyer of dreams against the Orioles in the division series. The O's had made the playoffs after 14 consecutive losing seasons. A feel-good story! Game 1 was a tie game in the ninth, when Russell Martin leads off with a home run, and the Yankees score five runs. In Game 3, Raul Ibanez homers in the ninth to tie it, and homers again in the 12th to win it. Raul Freakin' Ibanez, supreme Mr. Nice Guy and ex-Mariner, doing this for the Yankees (alongside Ichiro Suzuki). At least the ALCS turned in a four-game sweep in which the big story was Alex Rodriguez getting benched and holding that infamous on-field session with the media. And you wonder why teammates once called him "A-Fraud" for his poor playoff performances. 1949-1964 Yankees: Yeah, baseball in the 1950s was great -- if you were a Yankees fan. Otherwise, it mostly sucked. They won 14 pennants in 16 seasons, including five straight World Series titles from 1949 to 1953. Even Yankees fans grew bored with all the winning. They drew almost 2.3 million fans in 1949, but just 1.3 million by 1964. They also were one of the last teams to integrate, not signing a black player until 1955. 2004 Yankees (101-61): This was the apex of the Red Sox-Yankees rivalry. The Red Sox were searching for that long-awaited World Series title and were still the scrappy underdogs. The Yankees Adidas Seth Jones Authentic Jersey were the evil empire. They had traded for Rodriguez and Kevin Brown, and signed Gary Sheffield as a free agent. Jason Giambi went down with some weird intestinal parasite, and I am in no way suggesting that there was something more to that story