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I'm not telling you to go ahead and buy every gizmo and gadget that promise better laptop performance. Get this first before buying other laptop accessories. In fact, get this together with your laptop. Once the Witchdoctor mask has been gained, this allows unlimited free teleports to the Habitat, making banking much faster. Used with the Ring of kinship from Daemonheim, you can quickly bank and return to the Herblore Habitat. The vine herb patch on the west side can be protected by the zombie farmer, but the one on the other side of the river that can be reached with level 55 Agility cannot be protected.

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Follow the instructions that came with the pattern. Usually, you will start leather armor by first tracing a pattern on a leather sheet and then cutting it out with special scissors or a sharp knife. After that you can fasten the pieces together. Catch shrimp and anchovies using a small net near Draynor Village until you hit level 40. Then take 60 gold pieces and head to Karamja via the docks at Port Sarim. Catch lobsters using a lobster pot on the docks there until you have a full inventory.

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