What social skills you lack the most?


Date & time May 16 '20
Creator Beatrice Hall

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Beatrice Hall


What social skills you lack the most?

Often, we are disregarded as human beings because of some skills that we are lacking. And lacking of such skills can affect us in many ways. People are evil, if you stutter, they will humiliate you. But unfortunately stuttering is not only a problem when it comes to social interactions, but it also can affect our grades.


If we are unable to recite something clearly and in a good tempo, we can get a bad grade. And it goes with everything, singing, reading and so on. I always wanted best grades in my academic essays, so I often asked professional writers to write an essay for me. We are not gifted all with the same skills. Some of us were born with very low skills, some with very high. Some of us are teased because we look bad; some of us are adored because of being pretty.


People will always fight for justice but the world will never be 100% fair because nature doesn’t allow it to be that way. Being champion is all about expanding our limits. We are all limited in all of the skills that we possess. But education ourselves, practicing make us move from those limits and get better.

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